Will the next iPhone Have A Flexible Screen, This Goose Says Yes!

There is rumours out there that our beloved iPhone device may have a flexible future. In fact, we way be headed toward carrying around a bendable phone. Just how bendable, we really don’t know yet. Like floppy disc bendable or playing cards bendable. According to my old boss that does iphone repairs hamilton in will likely be just a smaller version of what we’re seeing with LCD tv’s. It weird to think someday we may be able to roll up our screen, say for a picnic and roll out at 50 inch TV to watch sports at the beach. Sounds awesome to me.

Recently Apple made this a little more of a reality by securing a patent for the tech involved. So will they really make the change? Well, this cell phone repair shop I deal with thinks so but what is the actual technology? The patent that they obtained is official and from the US Patent department. The actual patent is called the “flexible electronic device patent” super clever and trying to cover all devices. Can you smell the lawsuits? So this is for the entire structure of any device that would have this ability to bend structure of the phone including the framing material.

What’s more interesting is that the finger touch reader may also become flexible in the future. We’re talking about a fingerprint reader that would be able to flex and read prints anywhere in the world day to day just slide that bad boy out James Bond style and there you have it a positive way to ID someone and flexible to boot. Now the questions are, what will happen with the legendary cracked screen problems with the iPhone. Will they move away from their standard glass component that gives the phone such a sexy look? Of course, those in the booming cell phone repair industry might not be so excited to hear that the nex tech will feature a screen that is much more difficult to break, but only time will tell.

I’m guessing new phone will have a whole list of new problems that will require techs. Having a $1000+ device needing to be purchased every 2 years is just they way manufacturers and cell phone service providers would like to keep things bendy phones or not. SO as they even have the technology now to create a phone that lasts 25 years, they would be unlikely to release something like that as it would cause issues for their bottom line the same way your fridge now break every few years. We are meant to feed the consumer machine. Will Apple break the mold? apparently not, they even added a new feature where if you unlock your phone to have it fixed, everything will be fine and dandy until you upgrade to the late IOs then your phone stops working permanently. Time to break out $1000 again? Yup, at least, Will the next iPhone Be Flexibleit will be flexible this time, right?