Will the next iPhone Have A Flexible Screen, This Goose Says Yes!

There is rumours out there that our beloved iPhone device may have a flexible future. In fact, we way be headed toward carrying around a bendable phone. Just how bendable, we really don’t know yet. Like floppy disc bendable or playing cards bendable. According to my old boss that does iphone repairs hamilton in will likely be just a smaller version of what we’re seeing with LCD tv’s. It weird to think someday we may be able to roll up our screen, say for a picnic and roll out at 50 inch TV to watch sports at the beach. Sounds awesome to me.

Recently Apple made this a little more of a reality by securing a patent for the tech involved. So will they really make the change? Well, this cell phone repair shop I deal with thinks so but what is the actual technology? The patent that they obtained is official and from the US Patent department. The actual patent is called the “flexible electronic device patent” super clever and trying to cover all devices. Can you smell the lawsuits? So this is for the entire structure of any device that would have this ability to bend structure of the phone including the framing material.

What’s more interesting is that the finger touch reader may also become flexible in the future. We’re talking about a fingerprint reader that would be able to flex and read prints anywhere in the world day to day just slide that bad boy out James Bond style and there you have it a positive way to ID someone and flexible to boot. Now the questions are, what will happen with the legendary cracked screen problems with the iPhone. Will they move away from their standard glass component that gives the phone such a sexy look? Of course, those in the booming cell phone repair industry might not be so excited to hear that the nex tech will feature a screen that is much more difficult to break, but only time will tell.

I’m guessing new phone will have a whole list of new problems that will require techs. Having a $1000+ device needing to be purchased every 2 years is just they way manufacturers and cell phone service providers would like to keep things bendy phones or not. SO as they even have the technology now to create a phone that lasts 25 years, they would be unlikely to release something like that as it would cause issues for their bottom line the same way your fridge now break every few years. We are meant to feed the consumer machine. Will Apple break the mold? apparently not, they even added a new feature where if you unlock your phone to have it fixed, everything will be fine and dandy until you upgrade to the late IOs then your phone stops working permanently. Time to break out $1000 again? Yup, at least, Will the next iPhone Be Flexibleit will be flexible this time, right?

Another Goose Attack Video

I can’t say this one is as good as the original man vs canada goose, but it still is pretty funny.

The best part of this one is the anticipation and slow build up before the goose goes for the kill. The man doesn’t seem concerned at all about the hissing goose until he goes for his head and the he has an appropriately hilarious reaction. Canadian geese continue to be the most interest and MOST DANGEROUS birds in the world!

Limo Service in Ottawa, Ontario Transports Goose To Safety

Goose’s First Time In An Ottawa Limo

Straight out of a fairytale, we bring to you what I believe will be the story of the year. an Ottawa limousine driver was out for a late night run to the airports when his life would change forever. One of the new Ottawa limo service employee’s told news sources, “I didn’t know what else to do so I picked him up in my stretch limousine and brought him to the vet.” Apparently the goose had missed migration and had injured it’s leg pretty badly. The driver was following his route down the Ottawa Canal around Dow’s lake and Carleton University. In his headlight appeared a wobbling and injure goose. SO this limousine driver took it up himself to put down a blanket and transport the goose to a local vet in his stretch limo. What a great man!

Top Reviewed Limousine Rental Service Rewards Driver For Courageous Event

You might question, “What does the owner of this Ottawa business think.” Does he feel this was a big waste of time? Luckily the owner at The Ottawa Limo Company was happy the driver followed his gut and helped this bird out. They were a few minutes ride. The limousine service has a lot of good reviews and their party bus rentals in Ottawa have become quite popular, so it’s nice to see they have a softer side toward animals too :). The driver was given an extra day paid vacation as they’ve received quite a few more bookings for limo rental’s as the company that saved the goose! Of course, we here at Canada Gooses think he made absolutely the best decision. It makes you wonder about some of these businesses that punish people for the silliest reasons. I kind of want to go work for this guy haha. Where I work, I don’t think I could get an extra vacation day if paid cash for it we’re so busy. One thing I know for sure is that I’ll be using that company for my next limousine rental. I’de say give them a call first if you’re planning a wedding or something 613-699-8130.

My Travel Experiences Visiting Ottawa, Ontario

I figured this would be a good chance for me to touch on the time I’ve spent in Ottawa, Ontario. Last time I was there, a festival was going on that is called Winterlude which starts Jan 29th and goes on until Feb 15th sponsored by I think CIBC and OLG. Ottawa is one of the cities is Ontario to visits. They have an average population just over 900,000. But it’s a powerful place to be with the heart of Canada’s political movement and politicians. I’m sure Prime Minister Trudeau has brought a lot of attention to Ottawa. Come to think of it, maybe he has taken a ride in that exact same limo! Anyways, If you ever get a chance I highly recommend heading out to Ottawa. Here’s their banner!

Ottawa Ontario Winterlude Festival Limousine Rentals
Limo services takes a goose to vet in the same city I went to Winterlude at.

Check out a cool limo rental video by the same limo rental service:


Random Canadian Goose Facts

canada goose pic

We took a bit of a break over the holiday from posting on this blog. Sorry about that, but thank you very much for continuing to support the site. Let’s ring in the new year with some random Canadian goose facts!:

    • Canada geese nest throughout inland North America and in more southerly environments than babbling geese.
    • Canada geese are herbivorous, eating greens , waste grain, and berries.
    • Many subspecies are light and evenly huge and display the particular “honking” call.
    • The back and scapulars are darker browns, the rump is blackish and the tail is blackish-brown with a U-shaped white band on the rump.
    • Typically, the subspecies nesting further north are smaller sized in size and darker in color to the west.
    • Canada geese show extremely strong household and pair bonds and have the tendency to go back to their natal  homes of the nest.
    • Canadian geese approximate now over 3 M across the U.S, and numerous states have actually developed early Canada goose seasons that focus entirely on minimizing populations of resident Canada geese.
    • The Canadian geese feet and legs are always black.
    • Generally, populations of Canada geese are presently more steady than in previous years.
    • Almost extirpated in the 1910s, Giant Canada goose populations have actually ended up being bothersome in some locations due to their raised numbers.
    • The bust, abdominal area and flanks vary in coloring from a light gray to a dark chocolate brown, either mixing into the black neck or being separated from it by a clerical.
    • The Giant Canada goose is the biggest goose on the planet, with some weighing more than 20 pounds. (You wouldn’t want that hitting your windshield!).
    • The female goose of a couple is normally smaller sized.
    • Both sexes of Canada geese have a black head and neck as well as broad white cheek spots extending from the throat to the back of the eye.
    • BONUS:

Canadian geese! Always interesting. If you have a cool news story or antidote to share, please use the contact menu on the left.

The Broken Heart of a Canada Goose

canada goose heart

Canadian geese stay together forever! I checked out an account of a Canada Goose who assaulted a hunter on a horse after the marksman had actually shot his mate. When their partner passes away, some geese might browse out a brand-new mate, however, numerous merely continue to be single for the rest of their lives. They get heartbroken and don’t move on  :(!

Sometimes Canadian geese can be really scary, but this nugget shows they also have a “softer” side. The Canada Goose is a function design for human beings in numerous methods. A close household life is vital to survival. Just like some humans don’t want to move on after losing a partner, Canadian geese show these traits.

The next time you find a pair of Canada Geese take some time for a 2nd appearance and a little individual reflection. Sure, sometimes they can look like monsters, especially when they are attacking you or trying to take your food. But, it’s important to remember that they are just trying to survive.

I find it fascinating how similar a Canada goose can be to a human in this regard. Often we assume that these animals will just mate with any others they come across, but clearly this is not always the case.

There is more to a Canada goose then meets the eye, especially if you look in their heart!

A Breakdown of Man vs Canada Goose

Anyone who lives in Canada knows how frisky a Canadian goose can be. At certain times of the year (I’m assuming mating season) they are just ready to go. And for whatever reason, they really seem to like to hang out near crowded office buildings.

I work in an area with one large business building beside the other and geese frequently hang out in packs right in front of the building. Unlike most birds, they are in no hurry to get out of the way if you walk or even drive past them. In many cases, they will straight up hold their ground unless you go around them. And in some more severe cases – they will get AGGRESSIVE and even attack.

A now famous example of this occurred not too far from my office buildings. It was captured on video, posted to youTube, and eventually made rounds of “funniest video” type of TV shows. Check it out:

A few observations:

  • This is pretty damn funny to watch, however I can emphasize with the poor guy being attacked. It’s off-putting to be close to a goose when it’s angry and hissing – it must be terrifying to be attacked by one.
  • The first voice you hear at the start of the video sounds soooooooooooooooooooooo Canadian
  • Clearly this wasn’t the first person this goose attacked. You can tell by the pre- chatter and laughter from the people filming that they were anticipating this. The owner of the bag the goose is guarding was likely attacked earlier – hence why the bag is there and hence why there’s a group of people watching / filming.
  • Part of me thinks the people filming should have went down there and helped the girl instead of watching and giggling, but let’s be real – the creation of this video generated more greater good than retrieving the bag would have.
  • I wonder what the hell is in that bag that the goose finds so appealing / wants to protect? Has to be food, right?
  • The way the goose is hanging out in that paved circle kind of remind me of a UFC fighter getting ready for a fight in the octagon
  • The man chooses an interesting self-defense stance, rolling up his paper and flailing it at the goose. Not sure if the “fly-swatting” method was the way to go here. I may have went straight to the heavy bag…although if that had an expensive computer in there, I can’t fault him.
  • Ultimately he did fight the goose off long enough to grab the bag and give it to the girl – what a hero!
  • Next, he gives the girl the bag and he’s somewhat happy it’s over, but he keeps looking over his shoulder to make sure he’s safe as he walks away.
  • That leads to the funniest part of the video – saving the best for last…
  • Just as he stops looking back, the goose goes into kamikaze mode and rushes him like a bull, but the man answers with a KICK! This leaves the goose in its track. Man wins by decision.

What a classic Canadian battle.