Limo Service in Ottawa, Ontario Transports Goose To Safety

Goose’s First Time In An Ottawa Limo

Straight out of a fairytale, we bring to you what I believe will be the story of the year. an Ottawa limousine driver was out for a late night run to the airports when his life would change forever. One of the new Ottawa limo service employee’s told news sources, “I didn’t know what else to do so I picked him up in my stretch limousine and brought him to the vet.” Apparently the goose had missed migration and had injured it’s leg pretty badly. The driver was following his route down the Ottawa Canal around Dow’s lake and Carleton University. In his headlight appeared a wobbling and injure goose. SO this limousine driver took it up himself to put down a blanket and transport the goose to a local vet in his stretch limo. What a great man!

Top Reviewed Limousine Rental Service Rewards Driver For Courageous Event

You might question, “What does the owner of this Ottawa business think.” Does he feel this was a big waste of time? Luckily the owner at The Ottawa Limo Company was happy the driver followed his gut and helped this bird out. They were a few minutes ride. The limousine service has a lot of good reviews and their party bus rentals in Ottawa have become quite popular, so it’s nice to see they have a softer side toward animals too :). The driver was given an extra day paid vacation as they’ve received quite a few more bookings for limo rental’s as the company that saved the goose! Of course, we here at Canada Gooses think he made absolutely the best decision. It makes you wonder about some of these businesses that punish people for the silliest reasons. I kind of want to go work for this guy haha. Where I work, I don’t think I could get an extra vacation day if paid cash for it we’re so busy. One thing I know for sure is that I’ll be using that company for my next limousine rental. I’de say give them a call first if you’re planning a wedding or something 613-699-8130.

My Travel Experiences Visiting Ottawa, Ontario

I figured this would be a good chance for me to touch on the time I’ve spent in Ottawa, Ontario.┬áLast time I was there, a festival was going on that is called Winterlude which starts Jan 29th and goes on until Feb 15th sponsored by I think CIBC and OLG. Ottawa is one of the cities is Ontario to visits. They have an average population just over 900,000. But it’s a powerful place to be with the heart of Canada’s political movement and politicians. I’m sure Prime Minister Trudeau has brought a lot of attention to Ottawa. Come to think of it, maybe he has taken a ride in that exact same limo! Anyways, If you ever get a chance I highly recommend heading out to Ottawa. Here’s their banner!

Ottawa Ontario Winterlude Festival Limousine Rentals
Limo services takes a goose to vet in the same city I went to Winterlude at.

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