Goose Cracks Windshield on Hamilton Highway


One of the interesting things about Canadian geese is how they find themselves in weird situations and often cause serious damage. I was a victim of this as you can see in this video. Luckily I have a buddy that installs new windshields in Hamilton for a low price, so at least it didn’t completely break the bank. Otherwise I’d have a hard time finding the humor in this random act of unfortune.

I was just getting off the 403 to get into downtown Hamilton when out of seemingly thin air a big Canadian goose came flying into towards my car. As you can see, he appeared out of nowhere from below the guardrail to my right and for whatever reason came barreling right in at me.

I have no idea what the goose was thinking or why it was flying that low. Usually birds have an uncanny ability to get out of the way of cars, even if they wait until the last minute. Not this time. I’m just thankful that it bounced off my windshield and didn’t go through it. After this happened, I did a search and found out there are instances of gooses crashing right through the windshield into the car!

I didn’t see what happened to the goose after it hit my car. I was just so rattled, trying to figure out what happened, and trying to keep my eyes on the road. Hopefully it survived, but who knows.

It is pretty awesome that I ended up with his footage. I keep a dash cam on my windshield in case something ever bad happens to me because of the fault of another driver (or a potentially a corrupt police officer). I certainly never expected to capture a Canada goose flying into my windshield, but now I have the footage to prove it!

Got a crazy goose story to share?